Columbus City Preparatory
School for Girls


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About Us

"It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls (CCPSG). We are committed to cultivate a challenging and enriching educational environment that encourages and guides every girl to reach their full potential. As role models, we will expand their horizons which will develop young ladies who will be well read, well spoken, and poised."

-Principal Stephanie Patton


Our Pledge

We are the young ladies of Columbus Preparatory School for Girls, established in 2010. We are well read, well spoken, and poised. We have the willpower to be successful. We will work hard to become tenacious, outstanding and purposeful leaders. Our success will lead us to become college graduates while reaching new heights with strength and excellence.

[Who are we?]

We are the young ladies of CCPSG: DESTINED for greatness!


Our Mission

"Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community."

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer."
-Author Unknown

CCPSG recognizes the immense value that parents play in the life of their child's education. It is our belief that active, supportive parents serve as one of the key components for success of the total school program. Volunteering time and service is one of the greatest benefits for all at CCPSG.

Why not join us today in helping to sustain excellence at CCPSG?

Your presence will make a difference at our school!

Project Mentor
I Know I Can
ROX Ruling our Experiences with Dr. Hinkleman
Transit Arts, Capital University - TRANSIT ARTS workshops and events are FREE for registered youth thanks to our generous funders.
The DIVA Movement

Interscholastic Sports

CCPSG offers interscholastic sports for seventh and eighth graders in the categories of volleyball, track, basketball and softball. These athletic opportunities encourage and empower each young lady to become leaders and good citizens of the world through teamwork and hard work. Middle school sports enhance brain functioning, energy levels, self-esteem, and positive behavior. Each student participating in a sport must have a current sports’ physical completed, on file with the school athletic director and vice principal adhere to Columbus City School’s Code of Conduct for Athletes. At the start of the school year, CCPSG students interested in participating will begin to receive specific information on sports’ schedules and a copy of the code of conduct. To be academically eligible, students must have been enrolled in CCPSG immediately preceding grading period and received passing grades in 75% of those subjects carried the preceding grading period in which the student was enrolled. A student enrolling in the seventh grade for the first time will be eligible for the first grading period regardless of previous academic achievement. Students must have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) during the previous 9-week grading period. No probation is available for grades.



As a new school, we allowed our inaugural class to choose our mascot. They chose the LADY PUMA because she is fierce, tenacious, and full of determination.


School Colors

Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls's school colors are Pink & Black. We did not choose these colors for the more obvious reasons of being fashionably charming, or for the color pink being synonymous with little girls. Black is the color of class and sophistication (i.e. "Black Tie Affair"), while pink is both intuitive and insightful; representing hope and strength.


School Motto

Well read, well spoken, and poised.


Principal - Ms. Stephanie Patton
614-365-6113  |   1390 Bryden Road Columbus, OH 43205
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