Columbus City Preparatory
School for Girls

Dress Code, CCPSG School Uniform

Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls has a dress code. The dress code applies during all school days and during all school sponsored events.

Uniforms can be purchased at School Days.

Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
Uniform Guidelines
You’re a CCPSG girl now, so wear your uniform with pride and distinction!
Research shows that wearing uniforms benefits students by minimizing social, psychological, economic, and emotional distractions. Pink encourages friendliness while discouraging aggression and ill will.
Official Uniform: Worn Every Monday and Wednesday
  • Pink Oxford Button-Down Blouse with School Logo (short/long sleeve)
  • Black Sweater Vest with School Logo (November-March)
  • 8th Grade ONLY-buttoned down Cardigan
  • Black & White Checkered Cross Tie (8th grade ONLY-long tie)
  • Black and White Checkered Skirt
  • Black or White Solid Tights or Knee Socks
  • 100% Black, Brown, or Grey Toe Shoes (No sneakers)
Casual Uniform Options
  • Pink Oxford Button-Down Blouse with School Logo (short/long sleeve)
  • Black Oxford Button-Down Blouse with School Logo (short/long sleeve)
  • Pink Polo Shirt (short/long sleeve) with School Logo
  • Black full length Slacks – Loose fitting Dress pants (no color trim)
  • Black Bermuda Shorts (no colored trim)
  • Black Skirt (no colored trim)
  • Plain Solid Black Belt with Plain Buckle
Uniform Don’ts!
  • Tight Fitting Shorts, Slacks, or Skirts
  • Ornaments on Buckles or Belts
  • Colors or Trims on Socks (no logos, sport socks, or brand names)
  • Leggings or Footless Tights
  • Colors, Student Writing, or Designs on Shoes. Laces/Straps/Buckles must be tied/affixed
  • No Denim Material (Blue or Black)
Uniform Requirements
For the TOP Ladies at CCPSG – Tenacious, Outstanding, Purposeful
  • Modesty Any item worn underneath the shirt should not visible.
  • Jewelry Necklaces must be worn inside the blouse. Small earrings (no larger than the size of a quarter) are allowed. One bracelet and one ring are acceptable, but must be small and simple. Only authorized school pins and patches may be worn. Simplicity is the goal.
  • Hair Accessories Hair items are to be CCPSG colors (black, white, or pink). They are to be simple and in a non-distracting style. No bandanas and no shoelaces as hair accessories.
  • Outerwear like coats, jackets, vests, hats, and scarves are not to be worn inside the building, around the waist, on shoulders, etc. Solid black or white (crew/v-neck, pull-over, or button up) long sleeved sweaters with or without school logo can be worn.
  • Students may not wear any items that are distracting.
  • Facial jewelry and body piercings/drawings/writings are not allowed.
  • Hair may not be dyed or streaked in an unnatural or distracting color.
  • Make-up is to be kept at a minimum with no heavy amounts of eye cosmetics. Finger nail polish should be worn appropriately and not cause a distraction.
Days out of Uniform
These days will be designated by the Principal. Parents will receive a notice or phone dialer message. Student appearance must be appropriate for a school setting. If a student thinks her outfit may be inappropriate she should not wear it to school. Inappropriate clothes include: Tight/short apparel, halters/strapless tops, ripped or torn clothing, inappropriate language written on it, and/or shoes not conducive or safe for walking (i.e. heels).
ALL OTHER CLOTHING ATTIRE IS NOT PERMITTED. A student who wears items of clothing which distract the attention of the students from the lesson being presented will be required to change the clothing to remove the distraction.
Administration has the final word regarding the dress code.
Principal - Ms. Stephanie Patton
614-365-6113  |   1390 Bryden Road Columbus, OH 43205
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